Andy Symonds, Chairman of the Norfolk Police Federation, on behalf of all its members wishes to pass our prayers and thoughts to the family, friends and colleagues of PC Keith Palmer.

Andy Symonds says “We stand united as a police service and officers within Norfolk have already expressed their absolute admiration for the hero PC Keith Palmer, who gave his life to protect others. He ran towards the danger not knowing what was going to happen.”

He continued “He went to work on Wednesday 22nd March 2017 like thousands of other police officers up and down the country, expecting to come home after his shift but unfortunately he did not.”

In our prayers and thoughts are the other members of the public who were also tragically murdered. We also have many members of the public who were seriously injured which included police officers who were attending a commendation ceremony.

There is a sombre mood around the police service but this will not stop these brave officers from coming into work putting the uniform and going out to continue to protect us all.

Andy Symonds says “I have been called numerous times yesterday and today by officers all wanting to come into work on their annual leave and rest days to travel to London to help where they can”

The Metropolitan Police Federation has launched a Memorial Fund in memory of our fallen colleague PC Keith Palmer.

Should you wish to, you can donate on the dedicated Just Giving page.

Ken Marsh, Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said: "The entire police family is in mourning at his death, and this memorial fund enables people to donate in Keith's memory”

Notes to Editors

A campaign by the Police Federation of England and Wales to Protect The Protectors starts in earnest on 6 February and is just one area where the organisation is seeking a change in legislation so that officers who are assaulted in the course of their duties are afforded better protection.  More information can be found at

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