Andy Symonds, Chairman of the Norfolk Police Federation, on behalf of all its members wishes to pass our prayers and thoughts to the family, friends and colleagues of PC Keith Palmer.

Andy Symonds says “We stand united as a police service and officers within Norfolk have already expressed their absolute admiration for the hero PC Keith Palmer, who gave his life to protect others. He ran towards the danger not knowing what was going to happen.”

6th February 2017

It is now estimated that an assault on a police officer happens every four minutes*

This is a shocking statistic that further supports the Police Federation of England and Wales’ call to better protect those who risk their lives to protect us.

6th February 2017

Since 2009 police service has lost a staggering 21,494 officers and things are getting worse – latest figures from the government dated 30th September 2016 show the largest drop in officer numbers for the past 3 years.

Over half of police officers up to the rank of Chief Inspector that responded to the recent Pay & Morale Survey in Norfolk stated that their own personal morale was low. The stand out figure was that 94.6% of rank and file police officers in Norfolk stated that morale in their force was low.