CRTP & Two Year Freeze

CRTP is worth £1,122.00 per year to those officers who have served a year at the top pay scale for their rank and it is also pensionable. Following the Home Secretary's ratification of the Police Arbitration Tribunal (PAT) recommendations, the Federation has been asked to clarify the  position relating to Competency Related Threshold Payments (CRTP)

While there continues to be uncertainty about the final outcome of the negotiations in the Police Negotiating Board it is likely that the freeze on new CRPT applications will be implemented as from 1st April 2012 and then for the following two years.


It is emphasised that the freeze will be on new applications and should not affect those currently in receipt of CRTP or possibly those officers whose applications are accepted before any cut-off date.


If this information is correct the following appears to be the position:

  • Those officers who are currently in receipt of CRTP and who continue to meet the required standards will continue to receive CRTP.
  • Those officers who have already reached and completed a full year at the top of their pay scale (or will reach the position by 31st March 2012) and have not applied for CRTP should make application now for payment to be considered.
  • Those officers whose qualifying date will be reached between 31st March and 30th June 2012 must ensure their application has been submitted by 31st March 2012 at the latest. This advice is provided in that if it is the submission of applications which is frozen from 31st March 2012 it may be that applications made before that date albeit for qualifying dates beyond 31st March, will continue to be eligible.
 No applications will be accepted after 31st March 2012.


As soon as clarification is received, this web site will be updated accordingley


CRTP is not payable retrospectively and the Constabulary is not required to advise officers when they become eligible.